The Vineyard


Growing & Producing

Reasonable agriculture is practiced on our vineyard in unison with the terroir.

Each year, vines are replanted on one hectare of land, thus controlling the age of our vines over the years. The oldest produce a more complex and delicate wine, while the younger give a fruity and lively taste.

Saint Martin uses two methods to grow its vine depending on the variety of grapes and the age of the vine:
. The oldest vines are cup pruned and hand-harvested, the younger ones are grown around their wooden stems and are machine-harvested , which allows added flexibility and adjustment from year to year: night harvesting in years when the weather is hot, or during the day for humid years. New equipment does not hurt the vines anymore , it carefully picks grapes by aspiration while a blower takes off the leaves.

Night harvesting: a permanent quest for the best conditions to preserve the utmost grape quality. Saint Martin does harvest at night !This method is best to keep the grapes at low temperature and to press the juice before the heat of the day prevalent in september in our area.

The chateau de Saint Martin produces between 150 000 to 200 000 bottles of wine each year.

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