Saint-Martin : The Exception

Saint-Martin : The Exception

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The Ministry of Agriculture awarded the title of “cru classé” to 23 provence domains and chateaux as published in the Official Journal on july 30, 1955, following a very thorough and technical study made by wine experts of INAO, on every aspect such as geology, morphology, hydrology, pedology, climate conditions, the quality of the soil, the study of the varietals , their yields, all the work done in the vineyards, the methodology of wine making in each domain.

These “cru classes” represent the elite of Provence. The label “Cru Classé Côtes de Provence” is still the reference in the world for rosé production !

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Chateau de Saint Martin, ancient wine making priory until the VIIteen century, came into the family in 1740. The influence of the different Ladies was important at various stages of the evolution of the estate.

• Marie Anne why Saint Martin came to the family, it is for her that the Château was built. Fascinated by botanical matters, she draw herself the english garden planted in front of the Château.

• Louise Charlotte coming by boat from Santo Domingo to get married in Provence brought with her, according to the islands's tradition, a huge mahogany to build an enormous wardrobe for her linnen.

• Anne de Meursault, came very young from her native Burgundy, and she accomodated burgundy knowhow with provençal varietals.

...and so many others....

Throughout the centuries, each lady largely contributed in the evolution of her family property, which is to-day one of the most prestigious vineyards in “Côtes de Provence”.

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A reasoned fight opposes the massive use of chemicals of the classical method to the use of wine producing in line with each situation and thereby minimize the use of chemicals to the strict minimum.
A compromise between the traditional and the biological ways of doing : the optimum use of agropharmaceutical products. A viticulture which respects the environment.

Its methodology looks to maintain biological diversity in the wine-producing ecosystem and in its surrounding area. The lesser use of chemical treatment is made possible by an intense work of the soil and a methodical observation of every plot of land and the use of sharp techniques.

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A cultural and fun approach of Provence, its history, its wines, and also of a vineyard throughout centuries. This permanent activity as an english version and people can ask any time of the day for it (closed during the harvest period)

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A new must to improve the quality of the wine: at Saint martin, harvests are performed at night in order to avoid the strong heat of the days, control the temperatures all trough the process, protecting this way the organoleptic qualities of the grapes

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Since 1930, wines produced at Chateau de Saint Martin have been awarded countless medals by the juries of the most prestigious national and international wine shows.

Between 2008 and 2011,more than thirty medals have been bestowed on wines produced by Chateau de Saint Martin.

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Chateau de Saint Martin wines have acquired a high reputation both from the general public and the professionals due to the publication of numerous articles in French and international newspapers.
Interviews and press coverage also have been broadcasted on several television channels.

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