Terms of Sales

Terms of Sales

Unless a prior special agreement has been put in writing between the customer and our company which is labeled « CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN » – SNEVCM, only the following general sales conditions will prevail for all sales contracts concluded between our company and its customers. Present conditions are all valid, and without their expressed or tacit agreement, our company will not be held responsible. They will cancel and legally replace general sales conditions of our customers as well as all documents coming from them, and cannot be discarded by them.


Sales price are shown in Euros and include all taxes. Transportation expense, routing or processing are excluded from our price. The detail will be shown on your order and also included on your order form. The total amount billed will take into account these expenses. Our company « CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN » SNEVCM reserves the right to modify its price list without prior notification. However, if any change would occur after having validated your order, « CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN » – SNEVCM will not modify its list price. In case tax rates are changed, be them higher or lower, they will be immediately included in our product sales and service prices, and even after any order validation.


In order to simplify your purchase, we offer you the possibility to settle your order through credit cards having the logo CB (Visa et Mastercard), or by using PAYPAL services.

Securised payment

We use the SSL protocol ( Secure Socket Layer) as the safest way to secure your payment for goods and services sold. Our company SNEVCM has selected payment security by internet with the bank Crédit Agricole. Based on the buyer’s possibilities, payment security is based on the following protocols: SSL for those buyers using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. SSL protocol uses public and private keys cryptographic technologies , and its certification is developed by RSA Data Security Inc.
This protocol controls both keys and server certification before any exchange of information. Every message is sent on the retailer server according to ISO 8583 norm. The data is protected at the time the order is transmitted. This overall process , managed by the browser and our own server, is entirely transparent to the user. « CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN » – SNEVCM has no knowledge of his customers’ credit card numbers and visual cryptograms communicated to Crédit Agricole in a secure mode.
We will also accept payments by bank checks made to the order of « CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN » – SNEVCM. However, your order will only be processed after receipt of your check.

Property Ownership

All merchandize sold will be kept as the sole property of our Company until the Buyer has met all his obligations and in particular until he has paid in full.
Payment means either a banker’s check delivered and cashed, or by a valid credit car
During property ownership under our responsibility, all merchandize must be insured by the Buyer, and our Company may claim said provision five days after a formal notice is issued by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt addressed to the Buyer , which is kept unanswered in part or at all during that period of time; as well as in the case of a lack of execution of any obligation to be met by the Buyer.

Delivery terms

Delivery terms are purely given as an indication. They will start at such date that we possess complete information , especially that of a delivery date. Readiness or shipment notice date is the only one recognized as valid . Late shipments can no way be construed to obtain either penalty or compensation allowance.
If the Buyer does not take away its merchandize at the specific agreed-upon delivery date, our Company could, at the Buyer’s own risk and expense , remove said merchandize for additional stocking and insurance charges incurred. Our Company would then decline any subsequent responsibility.
The Company’s obligations would hence be suspended and our responsibility entirely nullified in case of fire, any work stoppage, a lock-out, flooding, lack of raw material, equipment accident, parts being rejected while being manufactured, lack of transportation means, impossibility or difficulty to either import or export, in particular coming from government agencies within our own premises as well as those of our suppliers or transporters. Also in case of the emergence of any circumstance intervening after the conclusion of our purchase contract which could prevent its carrying out under normal conditions by our Company.
“ CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN “ – SNEVCM will commit to respect as faithfully as possible its agreed-upon delivery terms in virtue of the contracts signed with our external service providers related to package delivery. Delivery terms shown by “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM correspond to the average time delay for processing and shipping.
In case of any delay in delivery or a lack of commitment in delivery terms, “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM will immediately inform the Buyer and propose a new delivery date , or simply cancel the order and proceed to its refund.


Our Company will disclaim all liability once a regular release document has been issued and given to the Buyer at the time of the delivery. In case of any delay , damage , partial or total loss, the Buyer must appeal directly to the transporter as stipulated in article 133 of the Commerce Code.
In all circumstances, our merchandize travels at the Buyer’s own risk .

Personal data

The sole aim for personal data given to our office is to deal with your purchase order. In accordance with the Law n° 78-17 dated January 6, 1978 in relation to data processing , you have the right to access, to mofify, to rectify or to suppress any or all personal data.

Intellectual property

Contents shown on the web site , be they or not the property of “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM, are protected by way of Intellectual Property all over the world. Any use or reproduction is solely limited to private and personal use and forbidden otherwise. Any documentation reproduction is entirely forbidden unless authorized in writing by our office or accredited by the same.
Published texts, images, logos, cryptograms or pictures are subject to intellectual property rights. Any partial or entire reproduction of any part of our website, in any way made without our specific agreement is illegal (see article L 122.4 of Intellectual Property Code) . This breach of personal rights given to the author may consist in a forgery punished by articles L 335.2 and the following of the Intellectual Property Code.


“CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM has partners which offer the possibility to link with their websites. The “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM ‘s responsibility is totally cleared whenever an Internaut leaves his website and accede another .
Any controversies regarding our sales, the Commerce Tribunal of Marseille is solely habilitated to settle regardless the agreed-upon mode of payment, payment means, even under the appeal of a plurality of defenders, agreed-to shipments, without any derogation of the actual clause.
Total or partial non-payment at any due date will automatically forfeit all terms and conditions , billings, drafts pending, for all on-going sales.
In case of late payment or partial payment , amount owed will bear interest twice the base rate currently set by the BANQUE DE FRANCE , until total payment is completed.

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